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Letter, J. W. Gray, Jr. to Navy Recruiter, January 20, 1920

Letter, J. W. "Jackie" Gray, Jr. to Navy Recruiter, January 20, 1920

This is the (barely) surviving letter that shows Jackie Gray’s desire to be a Marine. It’s a path that would unfortunately lead to his tragic and premature death some two months later in basic training.

Wells’ General Store
T. C. Wells, Proprieter
Homer G. Wells, Manager

Mt. Vista, Tennessee

Shipping Point:
  Paris, Tenn.

Post Office: Buchanan, Tenn., R. 4
or Springville, Tenn., R. 1

Jan 27, 1920.

Mr. D. J. Huley,
Navy Recruiting Officer,
Jackson, Tenn.

Dear Sir:-

     Your letter of the 22ond instant received after some
delay. And in reply will say that I desire to enlist for the
Steamer Tennessee. But would prefer the Marine Corps. You did
not state in your letter whether or not that particular branch
of the service is open yet or not.

     I am five feet and eight inches and a half tall, and
weight 125 pounds with clothes on. Will they accept me in the
Marine Corps with that height and wieght?

     Please advise me   [-?-]    above subjects, and also
                 [-?-]                 order [-?-] I
[-?-] meet you, if the question of [-?-] weight will not bar
me upon examination.

     Hoping to hear from you relative to the above, and
hoping you will be kind enough to furnish detailed information
regarding subject outlined above, I beg to remain,

          Yours very truly,
             J. W. Gray
          Post Office—SPRINGVILLE, R.F.D.1 Tenn.

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