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Wade’s Crystal Palace Advertising Card

Wade's Crystal Palace Advertising Card

Crystal Palace.
Paris, Tenn.
To all lovers of the
Fine Arts.

Light beaming from the radiant morn
With lightening swiftness hither borne,
In glowing splendor lingers nigh,
To paint the maidens flashing eye.

Her queenly form, her waving hair,
And soul-lit features serenely fair,
Are pencilled with the purest ray,
That floods the gilded orb of day.

Old age, and youth, and all may come,
Within my Crystal Palace Home,
And get their pictures well portrayed
By the pure light, and R. A. Wade.

Come every body, Gallery on
South side of Public square, up
stairs. Albums for sale, and
all styles of pictures taken.

R. A. Wade

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