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Category Archives: 1930s

Morning Shade ?School/Church?

This is the the Morning Shade Baptist Church or School, I’m not quite sure which one fits it better. I believe Margaret (Brockwell) Jackson told me that it was a school that also housed church on Sundays and that the building was later moved and now no longer exists. She went on to [...]

Luther Love “Ira” Freeland & Unknown Infant

Pictured (L to R): Luther Love “Ira” Freeland, Unknown Infant
Date: Circa 1930s
Location/Setting: Unknown studio
Inscription: None

Octa Radford (Johnson) & Theron Robbins

Pictured (L to R): Octa Radford (Johnson) Robbins, Theron Robbins
Date: Circa 1930s
Setting/Location: Outdoors, unknown location. Possibly within the “Old 23rd District” or near it in northern Benton County.
Inscription: None
This photograph was provided to the project by “Steff” on September 29, 2007 via email. She gave me the following vitals on Theron and Octa:
Theron [...]

Gray & Jackson, Four Generations

Pictured: [L to R, standing] Verla Clifton (Gray) Jackson; Henriette Therese (Agostini) Gray; Frazier Clifton Gray; Owen Henry Jackson; Ruth (Lee) Jackson; Harold Bell Jackson, Sr. [Seated:] Rhoda Clementine (Gibson) Jackson, Harold Bell Jackson, Jr. [held by Rhoda]
Date: Circa 1937, judging by Harold Jr.’s age.
Setting/Location: Outdoors, unknown location. Most likely the farm of Owen and [...]

Henry County Monument Works Receipt, April 16, 1936

Purchased by Frazier Clifton Gray on April 16, 1936, a monument for the grave of his mother, Ellen Caroline “Nellie” (Scarborough) Gray, for $100. Handwritten note on the back of the receipt indicates that it was paid in full on April 29, 1936.
“Nellie” Gray is buried at the Gray Family Cemetery on Friendship Road [...]

Verla (Gray), Harold Jr. & Harold Bell Jackson, Sr.

Pictured: (L to R): Verla Clifton (Gray) Jackson; Harold Bell Jackson, Jr. (held by Verla); Harold Bell Jackson, Sr.
Date: Circa 1937, judging by Harold Jr.’s age.
Setting/Location: Outdoors, field; exact location not known.
Inscription: None

1933 Grove High School Commencement Program

Grove High School did not print an annual yearbook for the graduating class of 1933. Some say it was due to the effects of the depression. This program, detailing the Commencement Sermon, Essay Contest, Commencement Exercises and finally the graduating class roster, is almost all that remains from that year. There are [...]

Verla Clifton (Gray) Jackson [Chimney Photo]

Pictured: Verla Clifton (Gray) Jackson
Date: Circa 1933, judging by Verla’s age.
Setting/Location: Outdoors, near a chimney. It is assumed this is outside the old Gray home near Springville, Tennessee.
Inscription(s): None