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Hansel Dismissal Letter, Shady Grove Baptist Church, May 15, 1880

This letter was most likely found among the estate of John/Josiah/Joe Franklin Lee, then moderator of the Shady Grove Baptist Church.
The letter does not cast the Hansels in a bad light. It was intended that the Hansels provide this letter to the next church they wish to attend showing proof of their good standing [...]

History of Friendship Baptist Church

This three-page document dates from approximately 1972. No author is indicated. It was provided to the Archive by Cynthia (Jackson) Perry.
In 1869, several brethren and sisters of the 16th district requested that they meet to organize a new church.
A presbytery consisting of Elders Robert Reynolds, Asa [...]

Morning Shade ?School/Church?

This is the the Morning Shade Baptist Church or School, I’m not quite sure which one fits it better. I believe Margaret (Brockwell) Jackson told me that it was a school that also housed church on Sundays and that the building was later moved and now no longer exists. She went on to [...]