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Category Archives: Pillow

Samuel Gideon Pillow & Daisy (Butler) Brockwell

Pictured (L to R): Samuel Gideon Pillow, Daisy (Butler) Brockwell.
Setting/Location: Outdoors, unknown location. Most likely on or near Samuel’s property near the Old Antioch Baptist Church site on Vaughn Road, North of Paris.
Date: Circa early 1940s, judging by their age.
Inscription: None
Sam and Daisy both lost their first spouses in the 1920s. They later married, [...]

Edward Newton & Mary Alice (Pillow) McFarland

Pictured (L to R): Edward Newton McFarland, Mary Alice (Pillow) McFarland
Date: Circa 1900, judging by their age.
Setting/Location: Unknown studio
Inscription: None