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Samuel Gideon Pillow & Daisy (Butler) Brockwell

Pictured (L to R): Samuel Gideon Pillow, Daisy (Butler) Brockwell.
Setting/Location: Outdoors, unknown location. Most likely on or near Samuel’s property near the Old Antioch Baptist Church site on Vaughn Road, North of Paris.
Date: Circa early 1940s, judging by their age.
Inscription: None
Sam and Daisy both lost their first spouses in the 1920s. They later married, [...]

William Robert & Daisy (Butler) Brockwell

Pictured: (L to R): William Robert Brockwell, Daisy (Butler) Brockwell.
Date: Circa 1915, judging by their age.
Setting/Location: Outdoors; exact location not known. Could be on their farm near Paris Landing.
Inscription: None

1933 Grove High School Commencement Program

Grove High School did not print an annual yearbook for the graduating class of 1933. Some say it was due to the effects of the depression. This program, detailing the Commencement Sermon, Essay Contest, Commencement Exercises and finally the graduating class roster, is almost all that remains from that year. There are [...]