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Category Archives: Brockwell

Morning Shade ?School/Church?

This is the the Morning Shade Baptist Church or School, I’m not quite sure which one fits it better. I believe Margaret (Brockwell) Jackson told me that it was a school that also housed church on Sundays and that the building was later moved and now no longer exists. She went on to [...]

Samuel Gideon Pillow & Daisy (Butler) Brockwell

Pictured (L to R): Samuel Gideon Pillow, Daisy (Butler) Brockwell.
Setting/Location: Outdoors, unknown location. Most likely on or near Samuel’s property near the Old Antioch Baptist Church site on Vaughn Road, North of Paris.
Date: Circa early 1940s, judging by their age.
Inscription: None
Sam and Daisy both lost their first spouses in the 1920s. They later married, [...]

William Robert & Daisy (Butler) Brockwell

Pictured: (L to R): William Robert Brockwell, Daisy (Butler) Brockwell.
Date: Circa 1915, judging by their age.
Setting/Location: Outdoors; exact location not known. Could be on their farm near Paris Landing.
Inscription: None

William Robert “Bill” Brockwell

Pictured: William Robert “Bill” Brockwell
Date: Circa 1900s, judging by Bill’s age
Setting/Location: Unknown, most likely studio
Inscription(s): None
“Bill” Brockwell married Daisy Butler and had four children. Two survived infancy. One year, Bill carried his tobacco crop from Paris Landing to Murray, Kentucky to sell in an early winter storm. A few days after arriving [...]

Margaret Anne (Brockwell) Jackson

Pictured: Margaret (Brockwell) Jackson
Date: Circa 1954, judging by Margaret’s age
Setting/Location: Studio
Inscription(s): None